Billie Eilish in concert Billie Eilish in concert

Billie Eilish gets a new look and we all loved it

Billie Eilish shows her new look to her fans on Instagram and they loved it

Billie Eilish keeps on giving surprises to her fans. She recently released her fragrance "Eilish" and has also complicated us with new music with her latest album "Happier than ever" which was released on July 30, 2021.

Billie seems to be going through new facets and image changes from her music to the way she dresses. The singer has caused controversy regarding this issue as she went from baggy clothes to a slightly more revealing wardrobe.

Twitter @peachesetude / Billie changes her look

Billie Eilish has a new look change

In addition to changing her fashion sense, Billie also opted to give her hair a new makeover. The "Bad Guy" singer had previously impressed us with her neon green look, then with her platinum blonde and now she is sporting a black color.

Twitter @nailliethinker / Billie Eilish posts a photo of her new look on Instagram

Billie posted a picture on her Instagram account showing off her new look. In addition to dyeing her hair again she has kept a much shorter haircut than we were used to. She has also added a short fringe with long locks on the sides.

The comments on social networks from her fans were not long in coming. Many of them complimenting the singer for her new look and how beautiful she looks in this "new era".

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