Bella Hadid let fans breathless showcasing her toned body Bella Hadid let fans breathless showcasing her toned body

Bella Hadid let fans breathless showcasing her toned body

The 24-year-old model has been enjoying her birthday with her best friends at the beach. Bella, who fortunately also seems to enjoy her body, dazzled us wearing all kinds of swimsuits. We collect our favorite ones to show you. Keep scrolling to see the incredible pictures!

  • Isabella Khair Hadid was born in Washington D.C, on October 9, 1996.
  • She has a net worth of $25 million. 
  • The model Gigi Hadid, who recently had become a mother, is one of her siblings. 
  • Bella chose to celebrate her birthday by going on a trip with her closest friends. 

Hadid went on a weekend trip with friends to the beach to celebrate her 24th birthday on October 9. She danced, made funny videos, and also drunk some cocktails that she called 'elixirs' with her friends.

Bella and a friend. Source: Instagram

The brunette beauty took advantage of the situation to wear some of her best bikini collection's pieces. Bella started with a retro style in a two-piece geometric print. It had blue, pink, and yellow forms on the top and in the high-waisted bottoms. 

Bella at the beach. Source: Instagram

The gorgeous supermodel also posted into her Instagram stories a video at the beach, enjoying the sand and the sun with a blue bikini with thin strips. Any color looks good on her!

On Sunday, she delighted us with another swimsuit that seemed to be from the 2000s. It was pink and orange with a floral print and a big flower on the bottoms. She posted a series of pictures of the moment with the caption: 'Just leave me.'

Bella yachting with friends. Source: Instagram

Recently on Monday, she wore a shiny yellow two-piece swimsuit while yachting with her friends.  Bella showed off her toned figure while jumping into a huge float in the ocean with her friend. 

Bella yachting with friends. Source: Instagram

Besides her usual golden accessories, the fashion diva was wearing a multi-color striped scarf on her head and a pair of light blue rectangular sunglasses. 

Bella yachting with friends. Source: Instagram

Definitely, Bella is one of our favorites in terms of style. She knows what to wear, and also, everything fits incredible on her stunning body. We are happy about her feeling comfortable with her body too. Cheers, Bella! What do you think about her swimsuits?

Watch Bella wearing swimsuits for a Versace campaign here:

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