Gina Stewart in a jetski in Australia Gina Stewart in a jetski in Australia

Beauty tips from the world's most attractive grandma

This Australian influencer, model and grandma, has gained attention from the media around the world for her controversial anti-aging methods like going to cryotherapy below -200 degrees Fahrenheit or working out 7 times a week. Her beauty tips are something to take attention to! Watch the video below! 

  • Her name is Gina Stewart and has 49-years-old and is sister of famous actor Aaron Jeffery  who played Thomas Logan on the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
  • Lives on the Gold Coast, the beautiful paradise in Australia and has been in TV shows all over the world. 
  • Following the steps of Bella Thorne and rapper Cardi B, she created herself an OnlyFans account!
  • She was finalist in a contest for the famous magazine for men Maxim United States.
Gina looking gorgeous after the Australian summer

1. Working out 7 days a week. As a model, her body needs to look fabulous. For Gina, there is no cheat day. From Monday to Sunday, her body is her tool and makes some type of treatment for looking awesome. From fitness, yoga, pilates to cryotherapy and stretching sessions, she is full active!

2. Keep away from chemicals. Her diet and life tries to be "as far away from chemicals as possible". Taking care of her budget, she goes to farmer's markets to buy organic meals for her whole family and looks for product that have been previously tested and have no artificial ingredients.

3. Going skinny dipping. Gina is a big supporter of hanging around without any clothing. Her Instagram feed is a reflection of her favorite fashion style. Living off in a paradise beach, Gina revealed that sometimes at night, she dips into the water and swims without bikini for letting her body 'become one' with nature. Is that particular bikini detail really the secret, or should we take into consideration that swimming per se is a great healthy sport?

If you want to know other beauty tips, watch the following video she made for the English Television:

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