Bar Refaeli showcases after her tax evasion sentencing Bar Refaeli showcases after her tax evasion sentencing

Bar Refaeli showcases after her tax evasion sentencing

Refaeli was sentenced in September to nine months of community service, and her mother was convicted of 16 months in prison too. It's hard to believe, isn't it? Despite this, Bar recently shared a carefree post on her Instagram account, and we will show it to you. Scroll down to see the incredible picture!


  • The 35-year-old model was born on June 4, 1985.
  • Before getting married to Adi Ezra, a 45-year-old businessman with whom she has three children., she was in an intermittent relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Bar and her mother evaded paying taxes on income nearing $10 million.
  • She seems to be having a great time in the pictures that she posts on her Instagram.

Recently, the model and her mother, Tzipi Levin, were sentenced by the Israeli court. Bar was sentenced to community service and Tzipi was given 16 months in prison. Both have to pay a $1.5 million fine on top of millions of back taxes owed to the state. It's terrible!

Bar posts on her Instagram account some pictures about what she is doing during this complicated time for her family. 

Bar and her mother

Among Yoga sessions with the caption: "The only thing I need right now is OM," and other snapshots for famous brands she made before, the model showed us her dazzling figure.

Bar taking a walk. Source: Instagram

She was wearing a white bikini that exposed her toned midriff while she walked through a full of plants path. A fedora hat was over her head and also a golden accessory for her ankle. 

The model and her husband, Adi Ezra, at their wedding.

Refaeli seemed to enjoy the walk because we can see a glimpse of her smile on her face. For sure, she is doing activities that help her to pass through this awful situation in the best possible way.

Bar Refaeli. Source: Getty Images

As they say 'to bad weather, good face.' Keep going, Bar! What do you do when you're having difficult times? Here is a video of the fashion diva at the court:

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