Ariel Winter and Luke Benward Ariel Winter and Luke Benward

Are actress Ariel Winter and Luke Benward, moving together?

The Modern Family actress and Luke Benward were in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles looking at some houses. Do they have plans to move together?  We assumed that the answer is yes, but let us tell you why. Keep scrolling to know all the information that we have!

  • The 22-year-old actress recently ended her Modern Family cycle after 11 seasons. Such a crucial moment!
  • She and the 25-year-old actor are dating since December 2019.
  • The couple spent some lovely time together during the isolation period. 

After nine months of relationship, on September 27, Ariel and her boyfriend, Luke Benward, were going around in the Studio City neighborhood. Why? They were looking for a place to live together! 

She was looking casual like most of us also look on Sundays. Winter was wearing a white Black Sabbath T-shirt, some black leggings, and a pair of slip-on shoes with gray socks that loomed above them.

Ariel Winter. Source: The Image Direct

The actors were using a face mask for protection against the Covid-19 virus. The one she had, was a colorful-printed one, of course!

Ariel Winter. Source: The Image Direct

But the young couple wasn't alone, and that also confirmed our hunches about if they were looking for a home. A realtor showed to them a house, and he also had some paperwork too. 

Ariel Winter. Source: The Image Direct

Have they already bought it? We don't know, but we hope they do it soon if they didn't. Doubtless, moving in with your partner is a huge step for the relationship, but incredible things may happen under those circumstances. 

Ariel Winter and Luke Benward

We hope that Ariel and Luke will have a great time living together, and also that their love will still be growing up! Congratulations, guys!

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