Actor Russell Crowe pictured with mysterious tennis beauty! Actor Russell Crowe pictured with mysterious tennis beauty!

Actor Russell Crowe pictured with mysterious tennis beauty!

Russell Crowe has been seen cozying up to a blonde actress on the tennis court. The big questions on everyone’s lips is whether the two are just good friends or is romance in the air? With new action movie, “Unhinged” recently released, the 56-year-old Oscar-Winning star of “Gladiator” might just have another stellar hit on his hands. Read on to get the low down on this remarkable Aussie star.

  • The Oscar-winning period epic "Gladiator" was released in 2000, directed by Ridley Scot with an amazing cast starring Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Derek Jacobi, and Oliver Reed, in his last movie role.
  • Russell Crowe got married to Australian singer and songwriter Danielle Spencer in 2003. The couple has two sons together: Charles, 17, and Tennyson, 14. In 2018 Crowe and Spencer got officially divorced.
  • "Gladiator" movie was a massive box office hit that grossed $460.5 million worldwide.

“Unhinged” star, one of the most versatile Hollywood actors, the Golden Globe award winner really knows how to immerse himself deeply into every role. Move over Christian Bale and Tom Hanks! You think shrinking down for “Castaway” and getting ripped for “Batman” is impressive.

No, no, we know that Russ is the true master when it comes to getting into the groove! Acting with a capital A. This guy is just crazy! Here are some of the weird things has done during his long career:

He gained 70 pounds when he portrayed television executive Roger Ailes in The Loudest Voice!

Ryan Gosling & Russell Crowe in comedy hit "The Nice Guys

He buffed for his role in “The Nice Guys”. Efforts no doubt encouraged by his dazzlingly handsome co-star Ryan Gosling.

For his role as businessman Jeffery Wigand in “The Insider”, he gained 50 pounds

Did you know that General Maximus net worth is around $100 million!

Russell Crowe my name is Maximus amazing scene in Gladiator

We have been following the career of this Hollywood legend and it’s nice to see him enjoying a tennis match with his friend Britney Theriot, “Broken City” co-star. They meet in 2013 on the set of the crime drama movie. Britney, 30, is 26 years his junior.

Russell Crowe & Britney Theriot are they dating?

Could Russell be following in the footsteps of Ben Affleck and partnering up with a stunning younger woman?  Russ and Ben have history. They both have won Oscars and joined forces for the 2009 movie “State of Play.

Regular Yaay followers will know that Affleck has been stepping out with Cuban star Ana de Armas.

Ben Affleck & Russell Crowe in "State of Play" movie set

Perhaps “A Beautiful Mind” star has been inspired by the gorgeous Ana (who is the New Bond girl too!) and is taking a leaf out of Ben’s book?

As you know we’re big fans of Ana de Armas and the Batman stars fairy tale romance. Just imagine the celebrities double dating! What a weird and awesome night that would be! Two incredible leading men and two drop-dead gorgeous, not to mention hugely talented actresses.

Britney Theriot met Russell Crowe in Broken City

After becoming single following his divorce from singer and actress Danielle Spencer, let’s hope that the veteran performer is going to strike it just as lucky in love as he has with his phenomenal movie career.

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