Bella Hadid

5 stars looking gorgeous doing common tasks. Which is your fav?

Sometimes we forget that celebrities are just people like us. They have to do ordinary things from daily life as we all do. Nevertheless, even we don't know how they do, they look incredibly gorgeous while doing them. We collected our favorite ones to show you. Keep reading to see their amazing pictures!

  • Kylie Jenner shows her figure even when she cooks.
  • Emily Ratajkowski inspires us with the outfits she wears for walking the dog. 
  • Kendal Jenner looks like a goddess after a shower. 

Bella Hadid
The model looks amazing even when she is preparing a Piña Colada. She was doing that while she was waiting for her phone to get dry in rice after spilling some liquid on it. "Me on the 72nd hour of my phone deep in a bag of rice," she wrote in the caption. We wish we look as relax and gorgeous as you under those conditions, Bella!

Kourtney Kardashian 
The fashion diva looks really glamorous for tea time at home. She showed off all her back for the camera while she was waiting for the hot drink to be ready. Definitely, she looks incredible in every situation!

Kendall Jenner. Source: Instagram

Kendall Jenner
The member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan showed us how she waits for her hair to be dry. She seems to take this time calmly while she drinks a glass of wine with her Calvin Klein undies. Keep enjoying your time, Kendall!

Emily walking her dog

Emily Ratajkowski
Doubtless, Emily is the queen when we talk about walking the dog looking full of style. She is always looking fresh with unthinkable clothing combinations. Most of our outfit inspirations came from her dog walks! You rock, Em!

Kylie Jenner. Source: Instagram

Kylie Jenner
She is the sauciest cooker we ever met, and not because of spices! Kylie showed her figure while cooking lasagna with a nude sports bra and matching underwear that shows over her white sweatpants. Wow! 

We don't know which is the secret these girls have to look so marvelous while doing ordinary stuff, but if we discover it, we will share it with you! Do you have any clue? 

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