5 shocking facts about Dwayne Johnson! 5 shocking facts about Dwayne Johnson!

5 shocking facts about Dwayne Johnson!

Like most of us we watched the blockbuster movie Central Intelligence (2016) were The Rock co-starred next to the comedian Kevin Hart. This comedy hit a home run on many aspects, but what may come as a big surprise is that the plot of the story was quite close on many levels to the real life story of this Hollywood actor.

  • The Canadian-American actor, movie producer and professional wrestler is one of the highest paid actors of all time.
  • Also known as The Rock the 6ft 5 in high actor was a football player at the University of Miami.
  • He became one of the most famous professional wrestlers.
  • In the film The Scorpion (2002) he made his debut in Hollywood.
  • Central Intelligence (2016) was directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and the actor received high praise for his performance.
Dwayne suffered from bullying during his teenage years due to his overweight. He weighed nearly 330 pounds (150 kilos). One of his dreams was to become a Professional football player but this never happened. The 23 year-old was broke and had only 7 dollars left when his parents decided to help him out. Keep reading to find out his story!
The 10 time World Champion on a wrestling ring.Source: www.givemesport.com
Just like in the film Central Intelligence the actor overcame these obstacles and began training to become one of the greatest professional wrestlers winning several Championships and Tournaments.
His latest endeavor a book telling his journey through pictures, surely another success. Check out his post on Twitter.
This record setter has beaten Kylie Jenner on Instagram becoming the only celebrity to get paid 1 million dollars for each post. "Consistent hard work gains success", said the actor and is living proof of that! Good advice to take on!

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