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5 revealing facts about Paris Hilton that you didn't know

Paris is known as a party girl. She has the reputation of being a spoiled rich that earns her living by essentially doing nothing. That's actually a wrong perspective of this business-savvy woman that is worthy of admiration. Keep scrolling to know her better! 

  • She was born on February 17, 1981, in New York City in the United States.  
  • Hilton has a net worth of $300 million. 
  • Recently, the star released an autobiographical documentary called 'This is Paris' in which she shows her life's dark side. 

1. Paris only inherited $5 million. Even if it's not a short amount of money, from there she built up a business empire that includes fragrances, beach clubs, and more. Today there are 44 Paris Hilton stores worldwide. What a woman!

2. She makes $1 million per night working as a DJ. Her debut was at the So Paulo Pop Music Festival and the hourly rate for a Hilton's show is $347,000. Not bad!

Paris working as a DJ

3. In 2004, Paris released her co-written with Merle Ginsberg's book 'Confessions of an Heiress', which became The New York Times Best Seller. On it, she gives bits of advice in life as an heiress.

Paris with her book 'Confessions of an Heiress'

4. Her single “Stars Are Blind”, was at number eighteen on the Billboard Hot 100. There's anything at which she isn't good?

5. Hilton's life is not as pink-colored as it seems to. She has many mental health issues because of the traumatic scenes she lived, as a child and with her couples. 'This is Paris' is her last documentary in which she reveals all the darkness. She is so brave! 

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