5 facts about Keanu Reeves you will not believe are true!

The actor is known for appearing in the most everyday places and helping out people in need. Always willing and kind to the requests of his many fans around the world twitter has had an avalanche of fans sharing their special moment with this Canadian-American actor famous for his role in films like The Matrix and more recently the series of action-thriller movies, John Wick (2014) and sequels. Keep reading to know more about this amazing artist.

  • He was born September 2nd, 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon. His family settled in Toronto, Canada, and he considers himself Canadian.
  • Reeves is the highest paid actor for a simple production earning $30,000,000 for The Matrix (1999) Reloaded and Revolution both in 2003.
  • The film star admitted to donating 70% of the earnings from The Matrix films to different charities and cancer research as well as children’s hospitals.
  • Social media, like Twitter has been full of different stories from fans sharing their encounters with Keanu and his selfless acts of kindness.
Keanu takes a moment to take a picture with fans at the movies.
In a world where success and money are considered and recognized as important goals we come across Keanu. This actor has shown that acts of kindness and generosity are not an exclusive trait of a few enlighten. Have you ever stopped to think what kind of person you would be if you had all the money you desired?
The actor caught again in a kind act. Source: Getty images
This humble human has proven these traits can be honed despite your privileged reality. In 2015 while riding the subway in the city of New York bystanders were struck to see Reeves give his seat to a passenger with heavy baggage. Watch the video next on Twitter that went viral!
On March 29, 2019, on a flight to Los Angeles the plane had to make an emergency landing. While waiting, he organized with the rest of the passengers a bus ride to tour the city of Bakersfield, California.
These are only a few examples of his unselfish and kindhearted spirit. Qualities that make him stand out and you would not believe a successful actor like himself would care to display. Watch the trailer of his upcoming movie.

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