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5 celebrities that posted intimate pictures by accident

Smartphones have become our allies in many ways. They allow us to be connected and to share our moments while we are living them. Nevertheless, cameras and a permanent internet connection may end up in trouble. Scroll down to know some of the celebrities that posted private pictures without noticing!

  • Chris Evans was the most recent 'victim' of these social media's accidents.
  • There are some policies in the social websites that may close their accounts for those mistakes.
  • It is something that happens to men and women as well. And surprisingly, it's quite common!

Chris Evans
The actor created an Instagram account in May, and he had already accidentally posted an intimate snapshot. Evans tried to upload a video of his photo gallery without noticing that there was a private part of his body exposed. Poor Chris!

Liam Payne

Liam Payne
The ex one direction member posted some pictures of himself in bed in August 2019 that he deleted truly fast. We assume that it was a mistake because of the quick response of erasing them and also because in the images he was undress. OMG Liam!

Courtney Love
The American singer accidentally posted a photo of herself in underwear on her Twitter account in October 2010. After the public reaction, she stopped using the social network for a while. She also said that the picture was originally for her boyfriend. 

Alison Pill

Alison Pill
The actress of 'Confessions of a teenage drama queen' posted also into her Twitter account a topless shot in 2012. She admitted her mistake by saying that apparently, her tech issues were increasing. Don't worry Alison, to err is human, to forgive is divine! See the video of the explanation here:

James Charles. Source: Red Bubble

James Charles
The makeup artist once accidentally posted an intimate photo to his Snapchat. After that, in August 2019, he uploaded on purpose the only nude he has ever taken into his Twitter account after someone hacked it. His strategy was for showing to the hacker that he couldn't threaten him. James was definitely very smart and brave! Check it out below

We all know that nowadays taking pictures of ourselves is quite common. Maybe taking some intimates ones too, because it allows us to know our bodies more and connect differently with it. Nevertheless, is really important to be careful with whom we share them, and also to be conscious that distributing someone's else private pictures it's not ok. 

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