3 powerful men Jennifer Lopez dated before Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez has an extremely successful career, but when it comes to her love life she has tasted some Hollywood lips (and more). She has dated Diddy, Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper. Watch the video below to learn more about those relationships! 

  • J- Lo is a singer, and actress and a businesswoman.
  • 51 year-old-Jennifer has achieved the very top when talking about Hollywood.
  • The mother of two was in many relationships until today. 

1. Diddy

J. Lo and Diddy in the red carpet. Source: Getty Images

 The 'it couple' met when she was releasing her first album: “On the 6”. According to the rapper, it was love at first sight. He was in another relationship with Kim Porter, but started dating Lopez in 1999. All paparazzi were all the time looking for them, everybody was simply crazy about the couple, they liked being seen together in every single presentation, red carpet and show.

J. Lo and Diddy went to a show. Source: Getty Images

Until everything changed when the young-adults went to a party in December and things went complicated when they were arrested and cops found a loaded gun in their car. Inexperienced J- Lo was clear, but her boyfriend was detained. Things went well for him as well later, but the damage made on the relationship could not be fixed.

J- Lo and Diddy dating. Source: Getty Images

In February 2001, Diddy announced they were both taking different paths. After they had slip up, Lopez admitted she had broken up with him because she could not imagine a family with him, apart from the fact that she was almost sure he was seeing other girls. All in all, their relationship can be defined as a 'roller coaster'.

2. Ben Affleck

J. Lo and Affleck at the red carpet. Source: Getty Images

 They met when filming “Gigli” in 2001. At that moment, she was married to her now-ex-husband: Cris Judd, so she divorced him to be with her co-star. People loved them right away! The stars shook Hollywood, fans called them “Bennifer”! They were soon engaged in 2002.

J. Lo and Affleck in Gigli. Source: Surfanon

However, the film “Gigli” was released in 2003 and, unlike what producers thought it didn't pay off what was expected. To add up, critics claimed the couple's chemistry was not good in the movie. Because of that and the continuous press on them, they started having some trouble. In 2003 Ben and Jenn were about to say “I do”, but they decided to cancel everything and split up in good terms.

3. Bradley Cooper

J. Lo and Bradley Cooper. Source: Yellow Enjoys

 In 2014, just after Mark Anthony's divorce, Lopez was found having dinner with Cooper. Paparazzi still assure it was a romantic dinner just between the two of them at the fancy restaurant “Per se”. The 'couple' said they were just discussing over work, but we all know you don't have to have dinner to talk about the remake of a movie, you can do that over the phone.

All considered, J- Lo has clearly had fun choosing so different men to date! None of them took her down the aisle, but she learned a lot for sure.

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