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3 most important celebrities opinions on "Black Lives Matter"

A few weeks actress Dolly Parton made statements about this topic in the "5 minutes interview" of Billboard. Her opinion us rethink the subject of Black Lives Matter and dig a little into the most relevant opinions and actions about it in the entertainment industry. Scroll down to find out more

  • The hashtag "Black lives matter" began with the unfortunate episode of racial violence that took place in the United States in May 2020.
  • Athletes the size of  Michael Jordan have also publicly manifested against racism.
  • Luckily, celebrities supporting social injustices helps raise awareness among their fans.


After the tragic episode with George Floyd in May of this year many figures from the world of entertainment decided to give their opinion and support the movements created by anonymous to achieve justice for the victims and consequences for the guilty.

Some figures are more influential than others, but the 3 that we are going to show you were the most relevant and with political content, from the entertainment industry. Let's see!

1) Oprah Winfrey, the super famous TV host and great influencer of the  African-American audience in the country, promised that the names of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor will not be just a hashtag.

In fact, she got ahead of a two-night special program in which the opinions of African American experts and activists. Oprah has always been a community icon.


2) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The action actor uploaded a 9-minute video to his social networks in which he hardly criticized current President Donald Trump, he didn't name him though, but his statements were obviously for him. 

Spike Lee portraying the eternal fight between love and hate.

3) Finally, and as one of the most influential people in the film industry, we have the reaction of Spike Lee. The acclaimed director has always dealt with the issue of racism in his films, and he took advantage of the promotional campaign for his film "5 da Bloods" to express his discontent with the current president and to give his meaningful opinion regarding the repulsive racist events experienced throughout the years in American society and why not, worldwide.

Michael Jordan supporting Black Lives Matter movement.

It is a fact that the battle against racism is eternal. But despite all the bumps we had in 2020, it seems that slowly, the people are tired of injustice and celebrities are playing an important role on educating their fans. Cheers for that! 

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