Reese Witherspoon

3 funny facts you didn't know about Reese Witherspoon 

The 'Legally Blonde' actress opened up after watching Britney Spears' documentary and left everyone in shock. We thought it would be a wonderful moment to do some digging about the entertainer and bring you some funny facts about this star. Read more below!

  • The 45-year-old actress has a 22-year-old daughter with the actor, Ryan Phillippe.
  • She has a net worth of $240 million.
  • Reese has been in many movies since she started her career in 1991, including Legally Blonde (2001) and Walk the Line (2005) among others.

1. Her secret name

Reese Witherspoon wanted to be always an entertainer

Witherspoon said that if she has to give up on acting and turn into a hip hop artist, her stage's name will be 'Little Spoon'. Such a crazy last name's transformation!

2. Easter fan

Reese Witherspoon

 Once, she told the media that with her family, on Easter's Day, they do egg hunting. Can you imagine how fun that might be? Also, she did a bunny line for the occasion with her clothing brand 'Draper James'.


3. Reese Du Soleil

The actress went to circus school for three months when she was in the production of Water for Elephants (2011). She practiced some acrobatics with the performers of the famous Cirque du Soleil. Reese calls herself a tomboy and said that she enjoys doing dangerous things. So dared!

We told ya that she seems to be really fun! Now, would you like to be her friend too?

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