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5 incredible celebrities that jolted Instagram this week!

Instagram allows us to see what our favorite characters are doing in their daily lives. They share some moments with the fans in their accounts, and we took advantage of the situation to bring you the most stylish posts of this week! Scroll down to meet the best ones this time!

  • Instagram has a total number of monthly active users of 1 billion.
  • The Hadid sisters have a combined number of 93 million followers. Can you even imagine all those people looking at what you post?
  • Marc Jacobs' new line 'Heaven' was all over the social network last week. 

Bella Hadid lets us breathless wearing her new orange knit sweater from Marc Jacobs' collection. It has scribbly a flower with a face on it. In the pictures, she had her hair in a wet look and tied in a high hair bun with a red tie. 

The American fashion designer Marc Jacobs also posted into his Instagram account a picture of himself with the same sweater that Bella was wearing at dinner with her friends. We definitely want one of those too. It's so cool!

The pop artist Dua Lipa delighted us with a casual picture in New York City. She was wearing a green coat with yellow flowers on it and a black top matched with black trousers.  She seemed to be unexpectedly photographed by someone she loves because of the expression of her face. Maybe it was her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid. So cute!

Kim Kardashian brought some fashion to our Instagram accounts with a monogrammed Balmain's full look. It was composed of a crop top with shoulder pads and a pair of bike shorts. Also, the star had some gloves that teamed with the costume's design. She is really dared to dress!

Hailey Bieber turned things up on Sunday with a snapshot of herself wearing a tiny black bikini with white sneakers. The gorgeous model was wearing some glamorous sunglasses while showing off her outstanding figure. She also shared some of her favourite face cream with us!

It's really cool to see some of the celebrities' lives, at least in their Instagram accounts. It makes us feel like we are closer to them, and so we have the opportunity to know them even more. Did you enjoy this week's summary? Let us know!

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