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iKON’s Bobby is the first K-Pop idol to announce marriage and pregnancy

Today, the K-Pop idols made history. Ikon's singer Bobby is the first singer to announce both a marriage and her fiancee's pregnancy on Instagram. Watch his emotional letter, below.

The heartwarming letter of Bobby to Ikon's fans

In case you don't know Korean, we translated the letter for you:

" Hello, this is iKON’s Bobby. There is something I really want to tell you today, so I am writing this after putting in much thought.

I have promised marriage with a person I love.
I am also becoming a father in September.
I am happy to welcome a new family member, but I feel more apologetic to the fans who must be taken aback by my news.

I should’ve let you know earlier, but I apologize that I am letting you know later as I was worried more than anything for this reason.

I feel heavy responsibility as I think I have caused a great emotional burden to the people who always help and support me who is lacking a lot in many ways.

I sincerely apologize to the people who are hurt or confused by my news.

I will become a person who does not cause shame to my parents along with the iKON members and fans who have made my lacking self into someone who is needed in this world.

More than anything, I will work even harder to not cause harm to the members and the fans who are waiting for iKON’s activities."

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