aespa girls have officially become Givenchy brand ambassadors

After all the clothing criticism that the aespa girls have suffered since their debut, we learn that they are the first group to be chosen to represent the French luxury fashion brand Givenchy. Keep reading to find out more.

  • Karina, Ning Ning, Winter, and Giselle debuted on November 17th, 2020, under the management of SM Entertainment with the digital single "Black Mamba."
  • On February 5th, aespa debuted their new hit "Forever" which is an original song by Yoo Young Jin composed for the album A "Winter Vacation in SM Town", in 2000.
  • Just 3 months after their debut, the new K-pop idols have managed to win 5 awards including Best Rookie of the Year at the Seoul Music Awards, held on January 31st.

K-pop group aespa has been officially announced as the first act to become an ambassador for a fashion brand like Givenchy.

The four girls will be showing off their essence through new creative director Mathew M. Williams' collection designs.

We have learned that the contracts with the members of the band were signed before their debut.

Williams recounted that he was able to see Karina, Ning Ning, Winter, and Giselle's potential at the time he saw the photos and teasers published by Lee Soo Man's company in October 2020.

Winter and Ning Ning for Givenchy.

For him, each one of them has an essence and a special personal style that will reflect the spirit of Givenchy.

We had already seen aespa wear 4 pieces from the brand's autumn-winter 2021 collection during the KBS Song Festival at the end of 2020.

Karina and Giselle for Givenchy

Many criticized the outfits of the new idols for being different from each other but in reality, it was the first appearance of them as brand ambassadors.

aespa at KBS Song Festival 2020.

The truth is that the 4 aespa girls have incredible visuals and are certainly on their way to stardom, which is why they will be great representatives of Givenchy.

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