Gal Gadot full of power and courage as Wonder Woman! Gal Gadot full of power and courage as Wonder Woman!

“Wonder Woman 1984” movie review

We love movies, and we love the experience of watching on a big screen with friends. Despite the recent postponement of many blockbuster Hollywood movies, the amazing duo of Israeli actress Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins were committed to launching "Wonder Woman 1984" at theaters. They managed to stream it via Disney+ and it was a success! Keep reading as we reveal why you can't miss the original movie in this in depth Wonder Woman Review!

  • Director Patty Jenkins revealed that “Wonder Woman” was inspired by the 1978 movie “Superman” starring Christopher Reeve. “I love a great myth. I love a superhero origin story. I had been profoundly touched by Superman when I was a kid.”.
  • Gal Gadot trained for six months and gained 17 pounds in muscle for her role.
  • The actress was five months pregnant during shooting and the production disguised her baby bump with special effects. 
  • “Wonder Woman” was a blockbuster hit that earned $ 821.8 million at the box office.
Gal Gadot explosive debut as Wonder Woman

Let’s check out the wonderful first movie, which we definitely recommend that you watch again while we wait for the spectacular sequel.

We think this is the best DC extended universe movie, it has all the essential ingredients: the story is a compelling, fun adventure, sweetly romantic. Perfect for all the family! 

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman is a truly inspiring heroine that exudes feminine grace and power.

Diana (Gal Gadot) is the daughter of the Amazon Queen. Her mom wants to protect her from evil but the little princess follows her instincts because she wants to be like everyone else and train as a warrior to uphold the sacred duty of the Amazons.

Linda Carter star of the TV series Wonder Woman in the 70s

The peace of their idyllic island is disrupted when Steve Trevor, (Chris Pine) an American pilot crashes and warns Diana about a terrible conflict from the outside world.

She leaves her home to fight Ares, the God of War. Deep in her heart, Diana believes that if she can defeat the evil creature it will stop him from manipulating men to fight an endless war and bring peace to humanity once and for all.

What's so interesting about the movie is that the director and female star bring a new perspective to the superhero genre that is usually plagued with hyper-masculine stereotypes.

Wonder Woman is a smart girl who uses her sense & sensibility. She is a complex character who's incredibly strong but who also shows compassion.

Diana travels in time from a peaceful Greek island into a bloody war. Then she discovers the world of men and their dangerous ambivalence between good and evil.

Chris Pane and Gal Gadot enjoy wonderful chemistry as Steve & Diana

The narrative flows with ease, every scene is a pleasure to watch. You’re not going to be bored by a million action scenes and endless explosions.

The movie has real drama and even a tender love story between Steve Trevor and Diana Prince. Their sweet relationship is defined by being equals who really understand and need each other.

In a refreshing change, the man is the one who needs saving most of the time. Pine’s acting is natural and convincing, he believes in Wonder Woman's power.

It’s moving to see that Steve really trusts her and that gives our Amazonian goddess confidence in her own abilities!

It's great that Jenkins decided to pay homage to Linda Carter's TV series from the 70s, especially when Gadot wears the traditional costume of a golden eagle, red high boots, metal bracelets, and shield. In close up shots the gorgeous Israeli actress really has an uncanny resemblance to Carter’s from our favorite childhood show.

We are bombarded with superhero movies that are fun yet essentially meaningless but “Wonder Woman" leaves us with a positive message, that women are not always the princess that need to be rescued.

Diana has an initial innocence and kindness as she explores the world, but she also has unbelievable strength that she uses to fight for what is right.

Director Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot on the film set.

This fantastic film proves that a woman can be a heroine and evolve into a powerful warrior. This is a movie for all the family to enjoy together. Wonder Woman is an inspiration for young girls everywhere!

Jenkins said that she really hopes that “Wonder Woman 1984” sequel can lead to a return to movie theaters that gives people a welcome and fun escape from reality. Hopefully after the COVID-19 vaccine we will see theaters full again!

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