Woman gets into a pond with crocodiles to retrieve a wallet

The surreal scene occurred at the Safari North Wildlife Park Zoo in Brainerd, Minnesota. The woman walked through a prohibited area with her son and exposed both to terrible danger stepping into the alligator pit. Check out this video!

  • A woman called Ashlynn Curtis filmed the situation and uploaded to Facebook where the post went viral.
  • The mother was filmed and exposed on the Internet and could be identified.
  • 35 crocodiles live in the pond.

Mrs. Curtis commented that the woman “yelled at her son and said it was his fault". You can hear in the video people shouting to the woman to abort her mission while she was throwing stones at the animals to scare them away from her wallet.

Restricted areas can be entered only by employees of the zoo

The zoo initiated legal actions because the woman is responsible for her child, and she put him at risk “Adults are responsible for the safety of their children". She didn't obey the mandatory guidelines of the park when stepping into a restricted area.

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