Woman gets attacked by bear and takes a selfie before escape

This shocking video will leave you unquiet for several reasons. Due to the bear sniffing and standing up next to two women during a hike, and for the unusual (to say the least) reaction of the people taking a selfie at the moment where an attack was about to happen. Check it out!

By  Charles Lorenz
  • The bear encounter happened in Chipinque Ecological Park, in Nueva León, Mexico.
  • Three women were hiking when a black bear came to them and started to sniff one of them next to her face.
  • The animal also scratched her claw against her leg, so she couldn't escape.

You can hear in the back how another hiker tells them to stay calm and still. They remained incredible calm and instead of running away, one even took a selfie, what kinda confused the animal. Bears are normal in the area of special protection, because it's an endangered species.

The location of the incident

After the viral video, the authorities sent a message where they asked their population that in these types of situation they should remain calm, don't feed the animals, and a special request of NOT taking any photographs or selfies that could confuse the bears because they can see it as an attack.

A story with a lot of luck, and apparently, a photo for the ages.

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