White female Jillian Wuestenberg pulling a gun to a black woman

White couple arrested after pointing a gun to a black woman

A video circulated all over the United States of a white woman pointing a gun to another one in a parking lot in Michigan. Everything happened outside a Chipotle restaurant in Orion township. The black woman accused the driver to "trying to run her over" when she stepped out of her car and pulled a gun. Watch the shocking video below. 

Jillian Wuestenberg and his husband Eric Wuestenberg were charged with assault stated the city Prosecutor Mrs. Cooper.

Jillian Wuestenberg and Eric Wuestenberg. Source: Oakland County Sheriff's Office via AP

Sargent Dale Brown, from Oakland Police Department said at the moment of the arrest that it was yet to be seen if the prosecution will be presenting any charges. Apparently, they did. Violence has been escalating lately, with both protesters and people tired of them pulling guns for apparently no reason. This both sanitary and racist crisis that the U.S. is living right now has been separating the country in ways never seen before in the 21st century. 

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