Is Blackpink’s Jisoo ready to get into a relationship?

The 25-year-old South Korean singer is the lead vocalist of the band, Blackpink. She has earned her fame through 10 years of hard work and strict training with YG Entertainment. The gorgeous star has never been intimately involved with anyone before as the entertainment company did not allow it. Now, the girl group is fully focussed on making a mark worldwide and do not want any distractions along the way. Is that what Jisoo wants too? Read below to find out!

  • The adorable, 5ft4 tall star has 30.5 million followers on Instagram.
  • Her net worth is around $9 million, out of the band’s total of $35 million. 
  • Kim Ji-soo is loved for her beautiful heart, cute face, and unique voice. 
  • Chichoo’s group mates are: Rose, Jennie and Lisa. They are also her best friends. 

The Blackpink girls have found a new family in each other. They don’t sometimes feel the need of having another someone special in their lives. However, in an episode of the entertainment record ‘Star Road’ Jisoo revealed her two ideal types. This means that the singer does plan to have love in her life and is looking forward to having an affectionate boyfriend. 

Every woman wants her boyfriend to cherish and love her beyond measure. Our kindest star desires nothing more. She wants her perfect match to be fully into her- someone who is her huge fan. Guess we all need to find out who is Jisoo’s number 1 fan, as he might stand a chance with the awesome musician.

Jichu also wishes that her guy must have the perfect and cutest smile just like hers. For her, what is on the inside and the outside, both matter significantly.

The 4 Blinks have definitely broken millions of hearts. Tons of boys have been crushing over them since the girls’ made their first debut in 2016. Jisoo has shared what she looks into her potential boyfriend. This gives us an indication that she's ready to enter the dating pool! We’ll have to wait and see which idol compliments the drop dead gorgeous K-pop singer. Stay tuned to find out!

Watch below Blackpink's recent song 'Lovesick Girls'!

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