Lebanon explosion

Watch the video of shocking explosions in Beirut, Lebanon

A massive blast surprised everyone this morning in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut. Videos have been circulating on social media and got millions of views. What the Health Minister stated and the international suspicions, next.

  • Beirut is the capital and main port of the Middle East country of Lebanon.
  • UNESCO, UN commissions and other organizations have offices in this multi-cultural city.
  • At least 50 people were killed from the 5 million population.

An explosion next to the port shook the whole city and the Internet today. Reports say that at least 50 people died and almost 3000 were injured. Ambulances rushed into the area, as well as firefighters and helicopters but the chaos took the streets of the capital and it was difficult to maneuver.

Jeep with people trying to help after the explosion. Source: AP

The country was already struggling with economic crisis and coronavirus. Almost every hospital is working at full capacity, and they have shortage on beds, and blood supplies. Nobody can confirm the cause yet, but there are several hypotheses of what might have happened. Israel already confirmed the country didn't attack them and the Health Minister of Lebanon Hassan said it was an explosion from a boat that was in the harbor.

Almost 3000 were injured. Source: AP

From the range and magnitude, as well as the orange color of the smoke, international authorities think it could have come from military rockets the country was hiding for the international terrorist organization of Hezbollah.

The blast was even heard from the country Cyprus, a small island located more than 180 miles away in the Mediterranean Sea.

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