aespa celebrating the new year.

Watch the new video of the K-Pop group Aespa

SM Entertainment fulfilled its promise and released the new choreographic video of the 4 girls with a very special outfit that was chosen by the fans of the group. Scroll down to see it.

  • aespa debuted on November 17th, 2020 with the video for the digital song “Black Mamba”.
  • Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ning Ning broke a record of visits in the first days of January when they reached 100 million on YouTube, thus becoming the debuting group to reach this mark faster with only one month and 21 days.
  • SM Entertainment's new girl group is nominated for Rookie of the Year for the 30th Seoul Music Awards to be held on January 31st, 2021.

A few days into 2021, the company founded by Lee Soo Man announced that when aespa reached 100 million views with the song “Black Mamba”, it would release a special choreographic video as a gift for the MYs.

An online poll was even opened so that netizens could choose the outfit of the idols for this video.

Between suit wear and techwear won the second one and on January 12th, SM fulfilled its promise and presented the new choreographic video for Karina, Ning Ning, Winter and Giselle's debut song.

aespa's outfit for their new video.

In it, they can be seen dressed for the battle to defeat the evil Black Mamba who threatens to end the world.

Our super heroines defend themselves with incredible moves and vocals from another planet.

The truth is that the girls look incredible with those futuristic outfits and the hairstyles that they created especially for this instance. Watch the video below!

Apparently, the company has heard some of the comments from fans of the group who sometimes complain about the outfits of the idols, and have decided to consult popular opinion to understand what style the public really wants to see them in.

It is time to present a new song and continue adding fans to aespa.

Fingers crossed for a comeback soon!

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