Rapper Trey Songz reacts to his intimate video leak

Watch the leaked explicit video of Trey Songz

Internet users were stunned by the leaked explicit new video of singer Trey Songz. Although his face is not seen in the clip, apparently the tattoos on the arm and the voice of the protagonist correspond to the 36-year-old singer. Scroll down to watch the video and discover Trey's reaction.  

  • Tremaine Aldon Neverson is a 36-year-old American rapper and songwriter who debuted in 2005 with his album "I Gotta Make It."
  • Trey Songs has an estimated net worth of $12 million.
  • The boy stands 6ft 1in (1.87m) tall which nominates him to be the star of the leaked video on the web. LOL

Trey Songz is trending again for a leaked video on the web.

On January 24th, the 36-year-old singer was arrested in Kansas for an altercation with a police officer and released 24 hours later.

Trey Songz

On this occasion, the leaked video is of an intimate nature and although the face of the male protagonist of the clip is not seen, apparently the tattoos on his arm match his as well as his voice.

The video has been circulating on the web since the afternoon of February 3rd and apparently, it is the singer of "Slow Motion."

Trey Songz on stage

The comments on Twitter have a mixture of humor and outrage. The fact is that Songz has had some altercations regarding physical harassment towards celebrities such as Meghan Thee Stallion and

Keke Palmer, who publicly accused him of intimidation in 2017 during an interview related to her appearance in Songz' music video "Pick up The Phone".

Also, in 2018 Trey was accused by Andrea Buera of attacking and beating her at a party in Los Angeles, the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence.


There are many users who were surprised by the size of the rapper's equipment and memes are flooding Twitter.

On the other hand, Trey Songz himself has come out to echo the video leak and took to his Instagram account to post some funny videos about the fact.

Songz even invited all the curious to subscribe Only Fans account to get rid of the doubt about whether it is him on the clip.

Apparently, the artist is having fun with this situation, but some fans feel uncomfortable with this video circulating because of the previous accusations of harassment on him.

If you are curious about the video we are talking about you can watch it below, but you should know that it contains images that can hurt the sensitivity and are not appropriate for minors.

As Trey is having so mucho fun with all the confusion, he took to his Instagram account on February 4th to announce he'd go live on Only Fans to clear all doubs about him being on the leaked video.
OMG he must be getting thousands of suscribers eager to find out if that big "performance" was his!LOL

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