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Vice president Mike Pence visits Miami for covid-19 vaccine

Florida has been one of the country’s epicenter of the virus. The second man in the chain of command of the United States visited University of Miami, one of the 87 centers in the country where the coronavirus vaccine will be tested. Read below for more.

  • Over 425.000 cases are confirmed only in the Sunshine State.
  • Florida has 5.853 deaths due to COVID-19.
  • Authorities have been struggling to keep the economy working, while keeping its population safe.

Pence gave a motivational speech that gave many hopes: "There is no better place than Miami to talk about this issue. We will beat Covid-19 and this will be left behind, to focus in our future".

Mike Pence in Miami

The University is looking for volunteers who will get paid to get the two doses of the vaccine. The city has a large variety of ethnicities and ages, so it's ideal for trying a new medical solution to this problem.

This vaccine in particular is made by pharmaceutical Moderna Inc, with headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Other companies like Pfizer and other universities like Oxford are also in the same test period, hoping to be the first in this race against the clock for humanity survival.

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