Kamala Harris talking in an interview

Vice president Kamala Harris is a BTS fan and the Army is loving it!

It has been confirmed that 56-year-old American leader loves the K-pop group, and the fans are ecstatic to know this. She definitely got an amazing taste! We are loving her accepting the diversity and not discriminating at all. But how did the fans find this interesting piece of information? Scroll down to check out!

  • Kamala Harris is the first black and South Asian woman in history to become the Vice President of the United States.
  • She has made it to the White House with President Joe Biden.
  • Throughout the election campaign, she was highly supported by her husband Doug Emhoff, children, and Hollywood celebrities like Charlize Theron, and Mindy Kaling.
  • The American leader has a net worth of $1.7 million while the K-pop band has earned a net worth of $450 million.


Kamala Harris in the office

Kamala Harris took her oath on January 20th, 2020 as the 49th president of the States.

John Legend's tweet about Kamala Harris 
Amy Schumer's Instagram post about Kamala Harris 

As she run her political campaign, the celebrities strongly supported the senator as John Legend looked forward to her leadership and Amy Schumer preached hope through an Instagram post.

Miley Cyrus interviewing Kamala Harris 

She was even interviewed by Miley Cyrus in which she explained her future plan of action. Being the first female Vice President, she was already appreciated and welcomed by the population of 331 million people. But she trended for one more reason!

BTS at the Red Carpet

Like all of us, the fans of BTS, ARMY went to her Twitter profile to find more about her. As they skimmed through the account, one thing caught their attention.

Kamala Harris following BTS on Twitter

The Vice President of the United States follows the band. Can you believe how big it is? Just like us, the fans went crazy over it and searched further into her social media accounts.

Kamala Harris' Spotify playlist

And guess what? She has BTS' 2019 hit song 'Boy With Luv' added into her playlist! This was another euphoric moment for the fans at which they couldn't stay silent!

BTS fan's tweet
BTS fan's tweet

To show their surprise, they shared the hilarious jokes and made us all laugh out loud! Well, they are the best at it.

BTS fan's tweet

And some even shared their wishes. We all want it to happen though!

BTS posing for the camera

Wow, it's insane that even leaders are stepping into the fandom of the band! It's not an easy task to make everyone your fan but seems like BTS knows the magic!

Kamala Harris delivering her speech

Vice President supporting others culture feels like a breath of fresh air. Especially after the long dry reign of Donald Trump! This seems like an amazing start to the governance. We wish that this spirit remains the same in the future, and we get a good taste of diversity in our country!

Are you a BTS fan too? Well, who is not? We so want BTS to perform in the White House! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out some of your favorite stars talking about the band! 

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