University of Oxford: our COVID-19 vaccine works! University of Oxford: our COVID-19 vaccine works!

University of Oxford: our COVID-19 vaccine works!

Some time ago, we wrote about a new coronavirus vaccine that was being developed by pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford. After trying it on more than a thousand volunteers, they are ready to test it massively. Check it out!  

  • They are already trying the solution in the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Africa.
  • According to the new publications, the vaccine is safe to use.
  • It “prepares” and “trains” our immunological system against COVID-19.

Finally, good news in the race of the vaccine against this virus. Promising results came from University of Oxford after the first 2 phases of the testing. If the artificially developed antibodies are enough to protect our bodies against the sickness, it could be a relief for the world population.

Oxford University. Source: Stock Adobe

The main researcher of the British university, Andrew Pollard, stated “we are hoping that our immune system remembers the virus, so that it can offer protection on the long run”.

AstraZeneca, the British multinational has teamed up with Oxford University and multimillionaire Bill Gates to develop this project. The British government already signed a contract for the production of 100 million doses. The World Health Organization announced that a final vaccine could be expected mid 2021.

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