Unbelievable: Florida man climbs into a truck while speeding

This is one of those videos that start trending after EVERYONE asks: why? You got to see it to believe it... only in the United States!

By  Pam Loureiro
  • The incident happened in the I-95 highway.
  • State troopers needed to intervene.
  • The driver tried to lose and get rid of the man, with the risk of killing him.

This is one of those watch-or-believe situations. A couple was driving from Miami through the I-95 in Florida, when they notice a truck doing weird movements, as if it is about to turn sideways. They accelerate to see what happens and the most surreal image appears: a man, wearing only underwear and socks, climbed on the hood of the truck, holding onto the windshield.

View from inside a car

The driver starts performing evasive maneuvers, as if he wants to get rid of him. When they see him, they start laughing and the man desperately shouts "call the police". After policemen intercepted the truck, the flying man was sent to Wellington Regional Hospital for a psychological check.

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