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Twitter-gate: the hack was worse than expected: DM’s stolen

The FBI launched an investigation regarding Twitter-gate: the biggest hack in the company’s history. Now, the official account of the tech giant confirmed that the breach is way bigger than expected. Read more below.

  • Companies like Uber, Apple and Tesla to their CEO’s personal accounts including Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and other celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West and former United States President, Barack Obama have been hacked.
  • Twitter stock fell almost 4% after the attack and the accounts were suspended.
  • Many government agencies use Twitter to inform the citizens with updates and news.
  • One of the theories managed until now, is that a high-ranking Twitter employee gave the hackers access to the tools.

Over 130 accounts were hacked, and from those, 36 have been seriously damaged. The hackers managed in several opportunities to enter the private messages (called DMs).

The company didn´t mention which accounts specifically were hacked, but Netherland’s politician Geert Wilders revealed that one of the computer robbers managed to send messages with his name.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders

He probably was targeted, taking into consideration that he is known as the "Dutch Donald Trump" for his xenophobes and racist opinions.

The Twitter support official account stated "36 is the number of accounts where the attacker took control of the account and viewed the DM inbox". More inquiries are being made but until now, nor the FBI or Twitter have any idea who perpetuated this attack.

His CEO, Jack Dorsey, commented that they were considering a paid subscription business model, but taking into account what just happened, it wouldn't seem the most logical strategy.

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