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Twitter Is Furious at Kylie Jenner for Asking Fans to Donate to Samuel Rauda's GoFundMe

Kylie Jenner,  is getting a ton of criticism online for promoting makeup artist Samuel Rauda's GoFundMe. Samuel was tragically involved in a serious accident, and the GoFundMe was set up by his loved ones to help cover medical expenses following an expensive major surgery. Keep reading to learn more! 

  • Samuel Rauda is  a celebrity makeup artist and friend of cosmetics entrepreneur Kylie Jenner
  • Earlier this month he  was in a serious car accident. 
  • Kylie as her friend asked her fans to donate for Samuel's surgery fund. 
Kylie Jenner and Samuel Rauda

Kylie promoted the GoFundMe on Instagram after donating herself, encouraging her followers to give money towards Samuel's medical bills.

Which, yes, promoting a GoFundMe is definitely a nice thing to do! But again, Kylie is a literal billionaire, and a lot of people wondered why she didn't just pay the full GoFundMe amount—especially considering she knows Samuel.

Kylie donated $5,000—the same amount as actress Bella Thorne, who is worth $12 million.  

Samuel Rauda

Twitter was quick to comment, saying things like

"Kylie Jenner bought her toddler a $15,000 handbag but is asking her fans for money" 


Despite people calling her out, Kylie Jenner did pay a larger chunk of makeup artist Samuel Rauda's GoFundMe than what meets the eye.

Here's the situation: The GoFundMe was originally set up with a goal of $10,000 and had raised $6,000 by the time Kylie donated her $5,000, which pushed it over the goal threshold.

Kylie Jenner

Why didn't this reflect on the site? Because GoFundMe continues to raise a goal once it maxes out, so when Samuel's GoFundMe kept raising money (to $60K, then $100K, and now toward $120K), wires got crossed about Kylie's involvement. 

At this point, Kylie hasn't responded to backlash publicly.

In an update on March 20, Samuel's family said: "It has been a week since Sam’s accident. It has not been easy. In the midst of it all, Sam continues to fight, showing us how strong he truly is. Please continue to send prayers his way." 

Commet a red heart below to wish Samuel a perfect recovery! ❤️ 

Source: Cosmopolitan 

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