Momo from Twice.

Twice's Momo fans ask for more recognition for her and this is why

Twice's singer and main dancer Momo is trending on Twitter on January 13th because her fans are fed up with her not shining as she deserves. Keep reading, and we will tell you all the details.  

  • Momo Hirai is a 24-year-old Japanese singer who was chosen to be in the girl group Twice by JYP through a television contest called Sixteen.
  • Despite being eliminated in the early stages of the show, the idol was brought back by production to join the group due to her incredible dancing skills.
  • The Dancing Machine is the nickname Momo has earned throughout her career and her bandmates greatly admire her for this.
Momo from Twice.

#MOMODESERVESBETTER is the hashtag that is trending on Twitter.

Apparently, fans are fed up with JYP not giving her the vocal spot the idol deserves.

Precisely the claim is in terms of vocals and is that in the last Twice album, 'Eyes Wide Open' Momo was the one who was in the last place in terms of singing time.

Apparently, the company would not be exploiting the potential of the 24-year-old singer to the fullest.

If we listen to some of her solos, we will be able to appreciate her beautiful voice.

Some fans also point out that the parts that she gets in songs don't match her vocal range and that's why she can't show off.

A few days after we found out that GOT7 is saying goodbye to JYP, we wonder if one of the most important groups of the third generation of K-Pop will go down the same path.

Could it be that the GOT7 guys felt that the agency was not promoting them as they deserved?

Twice is a group with strong popularity within Asia, but they have yet to make the leap to other continents.

With an estimated net worth of $35 million, the girls have more than enough to get promoted around the world.


It is true that the pandemic does not give rise to much movement of artists and even less to being able to perform concerts, but there are other strategies to connect with the markets, such as the launch of an entire album in English with original songs.

This is something that fans have been asking for a while now, and the Onces also want to see Momo shine more.

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