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Trump will host a 4th of July party despite cancelled events

This year Americans are celebrating Independence Day in a whole different way. Amid coronavirus surge parades and fireworks have been cancelled. Beaches have been closed in Florida and California, but President Donald Trump still plans on hosting a 4th of July White House party.

  • "We're on the way to a tremendous victory" over "this terrible plague from China" said Trump.
  • Johns Hopkins University confirmed a new record of COVID-19 infections in the US. We're talking about 52,300 cases.
  • Check out Donald Trump's 4th of July speech at Mount Rushmore in the video below.

With an estimate of 130,000 people who have died of coronavirus in the US and 2.8 million confirmed cases your would think the President would refrain from hosting a party.

The White House has invited hundres of medics who have been treating COVID-19 patients, to the party. The theme of the party will be the fight against the pandemic. In addition thousands of people are expected to gather outside the White House to see a military flypast and fireworks. The solution granted by the Department of the Interior is to hand out 300,000 face mask and they will urge people to keep a 6 feet separation. 

80% of cities and towns already cancelled their fireworks. NYC popular hour-long firework show was reduced to 5 minutes throughout the week that was organized by Macy's Department Store.

Major League Baseball cancelled its 2020 All Star game for the first time, but President Trump defies health measures and not only will he host the party but he also addressed a crowd on July 3rd in Mount Rushmore condeming those who toppled statues as a protest for anti-racism. The site wasn't coincidental, Trump chose it as a claim that the US heritage is under attack, yet two of the presidents carved in the monuments were slave owners (George Washington and Thomas Jefferson).

80% of US cities and towns cancelled their firework shows this year

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