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Trump Jr used Barbie campaign to take a shot at Democrats

Barbie has a new line of dolls meant to inspire and empower women. President Donald Trump's son Eric tweeted about it generating great controversy. Check out what Barbie had to say about it.

By  Luli Albertengo
  • Mattel's new line of dolls consists of a Campaign Team of 4 women.
  • It's made to inspire women to believe in themselves and to take part in leadership roles.
  • Businessman and TV personality, Eric Trump decided to make it political.

The Barbie Campaign Team is made up of a candidate, a campaign manager, a fundraiser and a voter. Trump Jr. Tweeted on July 29th that "voter" Barbie must be a Democrat since she still has a ballot in her hand.

In a photo of the doll's new line, you can appreciate that each one represents different public roles. Eric Trump made it a political matter by taking a shot at Democrats to which Mattel responded "Barbie is not, and has never been, affiliated with a political party. Barbie has always encouraged girls to stand up for what they believe in and shows them they can be anything."

Barbie 2020 Campaign Team

Trump Jr's joke reinforces his father's belief that mail-in voting is fraudulent and benefits Democrats only. As for the Barbie Campaign a Mattel representative says the dolls are meant to provide a tool "to allow families to have conversations around important events and cultural moments through play."

Voter Barbie

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