United States and Chinese Presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump United States and Chinese Presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump

TikTok is going to live the American way: Walmart and Oracle

Tiktokers that earn thousands with the mobile app are in relief. After months of public debate, users leaving the platform and security threats, the United States President Donald Trump announced that it will continue to work but under American leadership, ownership and rules. Read more below! 

  • Bytedance is partnering with American Forbes 500 giants Oracle and Walmart. 
  • The new company will be based in Texas and create thousands of local jobs. 
  • After reaching an agreement, the Chinese company announced that the ban will be no longer taking place. 

Who would have thought that a Chinese app would be the most popular in the United States 10 years ago? Probably no one.

But the pressure millions of users expressed in social media, urged the American authorities to look for other solutions rather than to ban the app.

Mason Disick loves Addison's TikTok videos. Source: Usnews

Why is it so popular? Specially now during quarantine, being able to record marvelous songs, with your whole family, create amazing looks and be part of a trending community give the fans a special feeling with the app. So now, it's time to breathe and keep enjoying the wonderful dances of our teenage American stars!

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