TikTok app is officially banned from the United States

The Chinese app, together with WeChat are no longer welcome on American soil. Commerce Secretary Mr. Wilbur Ross made a public statement regarding the support of President Donald Trump on the decision. Will this be the end to our celebrities dances and songs? Or is Instagram Reels officially taking over? Watch the video below!

  • Artists like Lele Pons, Jason Derulo and Justin Bieber use their songs to create incredible dances on the app.
  • Companies like Microsoft, Walmart and Oracle are bidding in order to buy TikTok's operations in the U.S. 
  • The action is taken after concerns of security vulnerability to the privacy of American users from the Chinese government.

TikTok has been banned. And Instagram business is booming.  Like everything in life, the loss of one is the gain of others.

TikTok company employees are going to start looking for other jobs. Maybe Instagram is hiring?

Instagram released its "Reels" mode some time ago in which it basically copied the functions of TikTok of short videos, effects and background songs to dance but with the "security" that it's an American company.

The Chinese app had already been blocked in countries like India a short time ago and losing users for fear of privacy. However, the stars continued to use it due to its great popularity in the United States.

With so much debate on media, including the recent Netflix documentary "Social Dilemma" on privacy and data usage, this news and ban is not surprising, considering that the Chinese Communist Party exercises an almost dictatorial government over its inhabitants. At Yaay we are in favor of freedom, democracy and transparency. And if this is one more step towards it, even better!

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