Winter celebrating her birthday on January 1st.

The truth behind Winter's fan cam at “Culture Humanity”

The performance of the Aespa member along with the DJ. Raiden's song with Exo's Chanyeol's “Yours” left netizens in shock. Not only because of Winter's incredible vocals but also because of the mysterious fan cam that emerged from her performance. Scroll down to see it and find out more.  

  • On December 31st and January 1st, SM held the free online concert called “Culture Humanity”, where the company brought together all its acts to deliver a performance that'd bring joy and hope to every corner of the planet in a very challenging year for the humanity.
  • Aespa joined the cause and sang their debut hit  “Black Mamba”, but we also got the chance to see Winter shine in a memorable performance with Raiden for the EDM inspiration song “Yours” which originally premiered in 2020 with vocals from Chanyeol and LeeHi.
  • It caught the attention of the fans that Chanyeol himself did not appear to sing a duet with Winter this beautiful melody and the truth that Loey has been quite absent in the last half of the year and the fans miss him a lot.

This solo performance from Winter has done nothing but prove that the 20-year-old idol has incredible potential and that she is sure to become a top figure of the genre very soon.

In addition to impressing fans with her stunning all-black outfit and talent, there was something that puzzled the audience after the performance.

Normally we always get fan cams from K-Pop artists after their live performances, but this time the fact that one emerged at a concert that was supposed to be totally private raised suspicions.

Every year SM carries out the SM Town Live concert in different parts of the planet with the stars of the company since 2008.

Due to the pandemic, this special and free online version was made with pre-recorded and closed performances.

This is why the surprise for this fan cam of the singer of “Black Mamba”.

Aespa in Culture Humanity concert.

It was assumed that no one but the staff and the artists would be in the studio, so who recorded this video that was uploaded to social media anonymously?

Presumably, it was a member of the crew who is also a fan of Aespa, but the video is very badly recorded and some Internet users have suspected that is a stalker!

We are still waiting for Lee Soo Man's company to pronounce on the matter officially, but from here we want to send a message of tranquility to everyone because surely it is an assistant of the team who wanted to capture the emotional moment to share it with the Mys.

Enjoy the fan cam below.

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