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The surprising revelation of Jisoo in her New Year’s message

Why do Blackpink fans love her so dearly? The star always takes out time for them no matter what! Even if she's extremely busy in her routine, you can always rely on her to post. Jisoo wrote a heartfelt letter marking the end of 2020. What did she have to say about the upcoming year? Read more below to find out! 

  • Jisoo posted the New Year's message on 2 platforms. One on VLIVE Channel Plus and on her Instagram that just reached 33 million followers!
  • She also lists her concerns and gives advice to fans in her posts! 
  •  The talented singer and actress belongs to YG Entertainment. 
Jisoo's first post for New Years'

Jisoo starts off her post by reminiscing how quickly the year has passed. The singer expressed that her goal in 2020 was to avoid all regrets! It's no secret that it has been tougher than usual for everyone. Don't you agree? 

Jisoo for Ice Cream MV

'2020 was the year when I happily sang a lot of songs for my fans' Jisoo wrote in her letter.

The 25-year-old singer expresses the bittersweet memory of being able to perform 'Lovesick Girls'. Due to COVID-19 restrictions concerts were not allowed to have crowds. She expressed how sad it made her feel. 

Her biggest wish is to meet her fans safely in 2021. Isn't she the sweetest?

Jisoo in a black hoodie

 Jisoo hopes that 2021 can be a more joyful start for everyone. She ends the letter by saying that nothing is more important than her fans being happy. The star always reminds them to take their vitamins, stay warm, and eat well. Her words proved to be a great source of comfort to them.

Do you hope to see her soon too? Read the full letter here!


Jisoo on the set of 'Lovesick Girls'

I'm sure that performing without a crowd makes the idols sad. I hope 2021 can be better for everyone around the world. Do you have any resolutions for the new year? Let us know in the comments!

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