Jhope's photoshoot for Dispatch

The surprise of BTS fans with J-Hope's latest tweet!

Are you even a BTS fan if you don't love Jhope's tweets? The 26-year-old surprised Twitter fans by posting an adorable yet strange tweet on January 7th 2021. Curious about the tweet? Continue reading to find out the details!

  • Jhope was the third member to become a part of BTS
  • His mixtape, called 'Hope World', is one of the biggest contributors to his $20 million net worth
  • The young rapper is one of the most active members of the boy band on Twitter with a fan following of over 30 million individuals!
Jhope in black hair

‘I am your hope, you are my hope, I am J-hope’, don’t we all miss our young rapper saying this line at every TV show he went to? J-hope is one of the most adorable BTS members, and is known for his unreal beauty and goofy interactions. Fans who have been to BTS concerts say that the prettiest member of the group in real life is J-hope! 

Jhope's photoshoot for weverse magazine

As one of the most active members of the band on social media, he often posts on their Twitter account. This time, his post surprised all the fans, especially the Korean fans! Why? Well, Hobi posted four pictures of him where he could be seen strolling the streets of Seoul.

The rapper was wearing an oversized military jacket which costs $220, a mask costing $55, and handmade gloves which are currently priced at $46. 

His twitter post

So, what is so surprising? It is his Iced Americano! Currently, the temperature in South Korea is -13 degrees celsius. And even in this freezing weather, Hobi is seen enjoying his chilled drink while walking on the streets! Well, we hope he stays healthy and safe. What is your favourite drink during winters? I hope it is not an Iced Americano!

Listen to J-hope’s mixtape here:

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