Aespa at KBS Song Festival 2020.

The story behind Aespa's outfit at the KBS Song Festival

After the presentation of the new K-pop group Aespa at the KBS song festival, fans haven't stopped talking about the outfits of the 4 girls from SM Entertainment. Read on to find out the details of this discussion among netizens and see the outfit that sparked the controversy.

  • Karina, Ning Ning, Winter, and Giselle performed on December 18th at the KBS Song Festival to present their debut single “Black Mamba” which they released on November 17th, 2020.
  • Aespa has impressed everyone since they debuted for their incredible talent and visuals, reaching a record number of views of the music video “Black Mamba” with more than 24 million in 24 hours.
  • The girls have already been nominated for an award at the Seoul Music Awards to be held in January 2021 as Rookie Of The Year.
Twice at KBS Song Festival 2020.

The red carpet of Korea's biggest song festival was full of glamour with heart-stopping outfits from bands like Twice and BTS.

The Aespa girls, however, were criticized by many for their looks that didn't match each other.

In general, fans expect members of their favorite groups to wear clothes that harmonize and display a homogeneous color palette.

Many have pointed out that the four girls seemed to belong to different groups or that they had just met there.

Aespa at KBS Song Festival 2020.

Despite the fact that they looked really elegant, netizens apparently did not understand the concept of styling.

After an investigation we have discovered that Karina, Ning Ning, Giselle and Winter wore garments from the Spring-Summer 2021 collection of the renowned fashion brand Givenchy.

It was a great shock to realize that these models that seem to be so disparate belong to the same collection and that they are in fact closely related to each other.

Givenchy's Sping-Summer 2021 collection.

These exclusive designs are not yet available to the public, so this fact only reinforces the theory that Aespa is making a name for itself in the industry.

A brand as important as Givenchy has decided that the new idols will show off their garments in a show as big as the KBS Song Festival, which has been celebrated since 1965 and where only the most popular and successful K-Pop groups have the opportunity to perform.

We can conclude that the styling of the singers of “Black Mamba” fulfilled the assignment of attracting enough attention for everyone to talk about Givenchy's Spring-Summer 2021 collection.

What do you think of Aespa's outfit?

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