Justin Bieber in the music video of his song 'Changes' Justin Bieber in the music video of his song 'Changes'

The shocking reason why Justin Bieber is not attending the Grammys!

The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards are taking place today in LA. Justin Bieber is nominated in four categories: Pop Duo/Group Performance, Pop Vocal Album, Pop Solo Performance, and Country Duo/Group Performance. However, the 27-year-old has decided not to attend the biggest music night ever. Why? Because his album ‘Changes’ which was nominated in the Pop category actually belong to the R&B category. The singer is very upset at this and finds it pretty strange that the Record Academy nominated it for the wrong category. Continue reading to find out the details regarding his decision!

  • Justin debuted in the music world in 2009 with his album ‘My World’ 
  • He became the first artist to have seven of his debut album songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart!
  • Now even the Record Academy has recognized his talents and nominated him in 4 categories
  • However, the $285 million worth singer has decided not to attend the music night!


Justin Bieber

The Grammys didn’t include Justin Bieber’s name in the performance lineup for the biggest music night of every year. However, that’s not the real reason why Justin is not attending the music awards. Instead, the reason is the unfair treatment of his album ‘Changes’. 

Justin crying at VMAs

Justin and his fans were shocked when the Grammy nominations were revealed on November 25th 2020. His album ‘Changes’ which was an R&B album got a nomination in the pop category. The young millionaire was visibly upset at this and he took to Instagram to share his feelings. He said that he grew up listening to R&B and even though he loves pop, he didn’t want to create pop songs this time. Once done with saying this, he expressed his gratitude for being nominated and for the people who stood by his side. 

Do you wonder why did the Record Academy do this? Well, we don’t have any clear reasons either and the Academy is not responding to any questions. However, one thing we know for sure is that many well-known artists such as The Weeknd, Halsey, and Justin will not be at the Grammys. Makes me wonder if this music night is going to be even that big this time without these artists?


Don’t be sad if your favorite artist is not attending the awards night! They have their reasons and we need to respect them. For now, let’s wish all the nominated artists the best of luck! Who do you think will win in the pop duo/group performance category, Justin Bieber or BTS? 


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