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The secret meaning behind BTS' new song, Permission to Dance

BTS is back with a new summer song, 'Permission to Dance'. As the era of Covid-19 is ending slowly, the K-pop band talks about hopefulness and inclusivity in the world through their song. Scroll down to continue reading about the actual meaning behind 'Permission to Dance'!

  • 'Permission to Dance' is released on July 9th, the birthday of BTS' beloved fandom, ARMY.
  • All the members, V, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, RM and Jimin showed off their charms and dance moves in the music video.
  • BTS has incorporated sign language in the main choreography of the song.
BTS posing after 'Dynamite' performace in  2020

BTS has released their third English single, 'Permission to Dance' after 'Dynamite' and 'Butter'. The music video of the song shows the members vibing and dancing along the music in the countryside.

End of Covid-19 and hopefulness

BTS in the music video of 'Permission to Dance'

There are multiple scenes in the video where the band is touching upon the topic of Covid-19. They are celebrating the fact that with time, life is getting back to being normal and the whole world is slowly entering into no-mask era. Well, I just can't wait to return to corona free time.

Suga, the group's rapper, is shown to hold a newspaper in the video which has some interesting headlines written on it, such as,

Purple balloons signal the end of Covid-19

Our Life Goes On

The beginning of new era, goodbye Covid-19

BTS at the photoshoot of their 8th anniversary

All these headlines are the subtle messages BTS is trying to convey to its fans. Also, for the depiction of the first headline, the video shows people holding and sending purple balloons into the air.

Basically, purple is the official color of the band's fandom. So the members are stating that they are bidding a happy farewell to the virus with their fans. I hope that it turns into reality soon!


BTS posing for their 7th anniversary in 2020

BTS has always talked about equality, and they are doing the same with 'Permission to Dance'. Firstly, in their dance moves, they have included sign language for the words, 'dance', 'fun' and 'peace'.

With this, they are eliminating every sort of exclusivity and inviting people who are differently abled to join the party and dance with them. This is so heartwarming. BTS never fails to melt my heart like butter!

BTS at the press conference of 'Butter'

Secondly, the music video shows people from different professions such as waiters, students, janitors and laundrymen vibing to the beat. 

This way, the K-pop group is emphasizing on building an inclusive world of people where nobody needs the permission to dance and have fun. They are always so thoughtful about everything. Isn't it endearing?

BTS at photoshoot of their anniverssary in 2021


In times like these, when both uncertainty and hopefulness is co-existing, I definitely needed a fun up-beat song like 'Permission to Dance'.

The catchy tunes and members' energy lighted up my mood in no time. On top of everything, it talks about eliminating class difference in such a nice way. Therefore, I believe 'Permission to Dance' is a must-listen song for everyone.

We wish that it gets more success than 'Butter' and 'Dynamite' and we keep seeing BTS producing good music!

What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below and check out the music video of 'Permission to Dance'!

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