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The reason why JLo changed her Spotify profile picture

Something big is coming! Jennifer Lopez changed her profile picture on Spotify to the 2007 photoshoot of her first Spanish studio album 'Como ama una mujer'. Want to know why? Scroll down and learn everything about it! 

  • JLo has already released 38 songs in Spanish, just like 'Pa Ti'.
  • Her Spotify photo is the one from the Spanish studio album 'Como ama una mujer'.
  • A-Rod's wife-to-be is a true advocate of Latin people because of her Puerto Rican roots. 
JLo's Spotify new picture

51-year-old diva simply can't stop surprising her followers. Really. Last year, amid the pandemic situation which literally stopped the world, JLo performed at the Super Bowl halftime show, and at the iconic New York City ball drop at the end of 2020/beginning of 2021. That's not it, the mother of two has finally shared all her beauty secrets with all the women thanks to her new skincare brand JLo Beauty. Three movies will drop this year in which she will be the main star, like 'Shotgun wedding' and 'Marry me'. Now, what about her music? 

'Como ama una mujer' album cover. Source: Ebay

Yes, true, I didn't forget about 'Pa Ti', hers and Maluma's2020 famous hit. The Spanish song peaked at No.1 on Billboard Latin Airplay. The single is their next movie soundtrack, click here to read everything about it.  It was kind of a promotion of the film because they had to postpone its release again because of the world sanitary conditions. 

JLo ans Maluma's 'Pa Ti' song. Source: Daily Mail

After one year, the Hollywood's best paid Latina changed her Spotify photo. Of course, her followers noticed it almost at the same moment. First, why did she choose such an old picture? She looks incredibly well at 51, she doesn't need to use a picture 14 years old. Why did she change it for the one of her Spanish album? Bum! Fans went absolutely crazy! One follower said 'I hope she's going to do that what i thinking!', another one wrote 'If there's going to be a Spanish album then my life's purpose is fulfilled'. Yes, we are all thinking the same. 

JLo back in 2007. Source: Twitter

Let's just think together for a moment. A-Rod's fiancée is a true advocate of Biden's government, who is deeply concerned about Latin people, just like her. Her latest music release was in Spanish and her co-worker was the Colombian singer. Latin again. Now, out of all the photos she has, she chooses the one of her Spanish album. Why? It's a hint, people! Jennifer Lopez will release another Spanish album for sure! Fans are crazy about the idea, and thankfully JLo listens to her fans. Get ready everyone! Jennifer Lopez next Spanish album drops in 1, 2.... In the meantime, let's watch 'Como ama una mujer' YouTube video

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