Diego Maradona.

The musical legacy of the late soccer player Diego Maradona

November 25, 2020, will forever be a day of world mourning for the death of the mythical soccer player Diego Armando Maradona. It will be very hard for Argentina to overcome the loss of its biggest star in the world. However, they will have the joy of knowing that they were able to honor his greatness while he was alive. Read on to discover the anthem that Argentine singer Rodrigo created to honor this soccer superstar.

  • Diego Armando Maradona Franco was born on October 30, 1960, in the Lanús neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Nicknamed the Golden Boy, his short stature (5"5') allowed him to maneuver with great skill on the court and his vision of goal made him the winner of the award given by FIFA to Player of the 20th Century.
  • On November 25, 2020, unfortunately, the world champion and creator of the so-called Hand of God died at his home in Tigre in Argentina due to a heart attack after being discharged from the hospital after brain surgery.
Diego Maradona in 1986.

As we already said, despite the great loss of such an extraordinary soccer player, the Argentines can feel reassured because they knew how to pay tribute to their idol in life.

The tropical music singer and also late Rodrigo created in 2000 a song that sums up the life and greatness of Diego Maradona in world football.

Cuarteto music singer Rodrigo.

The song tells how a boy from a vulnerable context made the ball an extension of his feet and managed to become a legend in the world of sports.

Maradona with the Wold Championship prize in 1986.

In addition, the song focuses on the story of the play that gave Argentina the victory and subsequent FIFA World Championship in 1986 against England.

The hand of God was a term used by the Diego to describe the controversial play in which he managed to score what would be called the goal of the century "a little with his head and a little with the hand of God" according to his words.

Diego with his doctor after the brain surgery.

We are going to leave you this emotional video of the song "La Mano De Dios" so that you also have the possibility to remember this idol as he deserves, with pride and joy.

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