The hero from 2020 is British and 100 years old

Captain Tom Moore was born in 1920, fought in the World War II and became the new symbol of hope for all humanity after he raised almost $40 million dollars to charity! After appearing on a TV show talking about his life, people admired him even more and some even cried from happiness! Read more below!

'In the dark days of lock-down, it was everyday heroes, who brought joy to the nation." With this inspiring sentence the public around the world who viewed the show of famous TV host Piers Morgan was left in tears. 

This magical man fought in the World War II that went from 1939 to 1945, lost many friends on battle, kept fighting his whole life. He inspired the world by walking with the age of 99 and raising funds for public health.

The captain got even the respect of the oldest royal in the world, Queen Elizabeth II who gave him this year the privilege of being her 'Knight': He is now called Sir Tom Moore!

Queen Elizabeth II and Tom Moore

Users in Twitter commented that he is an inspiration for the young generations. He is the 2020's shine of light, hope and example of no matter how bad your condition might be, there is always place for helping others, and the psychological effort sometimes surpasses the physical one. Fans even created a statue of him in bronze thanking him for his help!

Every one of us can change someone and help many more. Being an example of good, makes Tom the real superhero from this year.

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