Namjoon at Love Yourself concert in 2019

The heartwarming letter of Namjoon to his fans for 2021

‘Stage without an audience, stage without cheers….does it even make sense? Does it even make sense’ wrote Namjoon, the leader of the boy band, as he tried to welcome the year 2021. In April 2020, BTS had to cancel its much-awaited Map of the Soul tour. As the news came, Twitter was in tears and fans lost all their hopes of seeing their idols any time soon! Now, as the world bids farewell to 2020, Kim Namjoon penned down an emotional yet hopeful letter for his fans. Want to know what he wrote? Continue reading to find out!

  • Coronavirus hit the world in 2019 and since then has infected over 83 million people
  • BTS released its fourth studio album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ on February 21 2020
  • Songs like ‘Black Swan’ and ‘ON’ made fans anxiously wait for the Map of the Soul concert
  • Namjoon tries to console his fans as they say their goodbyes to the year 2020


BTS online concert held in October

BTS did the unexpected in 2020. They performed without an audience and remained passionate about their music without the cheers of their fans. They did it all for us. So that we still have something to hold on to - their message of hope.  

Kim Namjoon 

‘Working out at home, eating delivery food. Wasn’t this a year where we did everything we could in our small rooms’. Namjoon tries to portray some positivity by making fans realize that the year 2020 made us try things we would not have otherwise.  

Forever rain - a song from Mono

‘Even though there is no one else, I am listening’.

This line resonated the most with the fans! Namjoon once again proved that he is there for us even when we are all alone. He’s keeping a check on us through his music. After all, who can ever get over his mixtape Mono which was released in October 2018. With tracks like ‘moonchild’ and ‘forever rain’, the mixtape gave the warmest hug to his fans. Mono is known in the BTS fandom as the album that listens to you, as you shed tears. 

Namjoon at The Late Show

In the end, he thanked all the fans for being with him and his band members even during days that were exhausting. Namjoon hopes that spring comes soon and washes away all the miseries that the year 2020 gave us. And I hope the same. 


Listen to his mixtape ‘Mono’ here:

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