Milton Glaser

The graphic designer who created the "I ♥ NY" dies at age 91

The American graphic designer, Milton Glaser, created the logo for a 1977 tourism campaign and it has been the most imitated logo in history since then. Glaser said he was "flabbergasted by what happened to this little, simple nothing of an idea". Who was this? Find out in the article below.

  • His wife informed the New York Times that Glaser passed away due to a stroke. Glaser died on June 26th on the same day of his 91st birthday.
  • The artist was also known for a poster of Bob Dylan with psychedelic hair that was based on a self-portrait of the musician by Marcel Duchamp. Dylan's 1967 album Greatest Hits featured Glaser's poster. The album was bought by over 6 million people.
Bob Dylan poster designed by Milton Glaser of a self-portrait by Marcel Duchamp

Glaser co-founded New York Magazine in 1968 and for 9 years he was the magazine's design director. In 1974, he opened his own design firm called Milton Glaser, Inc and three years later the iconic logo was created. He designed it free of charge to help promote tourism in his city.

New York was going through a tough financial crisis amid a series of crime waves. Glaser came up with the logo in a taxi and scribbled it on an envelope, which is exhibited in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).
"Who in the world would have thought that this silly little bit of ephemera would become one of the most pervasive images of the 20th Century?" said Glaser in 2008.

After 9/11 attacks the graphic designer released a new version of his famous logo with an amended heart that read: "I ♥ NY MORE THAN EVER".
 In 2010, he was awarded the National Medal of Arts by then President Barack Obama.

Milton Glaser's version of famous logo after 9/11 attacks

New York Magazine published a heartfelt article on Glaser and referred to the magazine's co-founder as one of the small team men who "yanked New York out of the newspaper morgue and turned it into a great American magazine". For the full article click here.

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