Jackie and Sylvester Stallone

The celebrity mother of Sylvester Stallone dies at 98

Jackie Stallone passed away with 98 years old. She was the inspiration to her children for entering the entertainment industry and Rocky Balboa reminds her as the "kindest soul on Earth". Read more below! 

  • She was born Washington in 1921 and started working out from a young age.
  • Worked in the circus and married Frank Stallone at the end of World War II in 1945.
  • Jackie had Sylvester one year later and insisted that he trained the way she used to as a teenager.
  • Being an astrologist, predicted how her son's success as a writer, which he achieved after writing Rocky Balboa. 
Jackie and Sylvester Stallone

Jackie was a unique person, ahead of its time specially concerning the role of the women. She worked at a circus, was a dancer, founder of female wrestling and a TV personality.

During an interview she stated "If I had stayed doing domestic chores they would be home now too, and not making movies"

Jackie Stallone in her circus days

Her own weightlifting and boxing TV show was the inspiration for Sylvester to write Rocky Balboa. And that was the most important moment in his career, that allowed him to develop a Hollywood career. 

She passed away in her home, probably with a smile, thinking in all the achievements her family accomplished over the years.  RIP Jackie.

Watch her most memorable moments in Big Brother United Kingdom:

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