Kpop fans shouting

The biggest fandom campaign against K-Pop haters

After receiving comments from haters in our videos, we decided to fight back with love. For that reason, we want this video to promote love, equality and peace. Watch the video below!

  • We are K-Pop lovers and admire bands like BTS, Blackpink, Got7, NCT and many more.
  • They bring us joy, incredible songs and do charity work helping their fans.

If you want to spread K-Pop love, leave colored hearts if you like all bands equally. If you have a favorite, leave the name of the band next to a red heart.

Example of showing love in the comments

In a world of fame and perfection, idols are under immense pressure to be flawless. Even the most mundane habits like dating or smoking can end big careers! K-pop contracts have strict rules, even livestreams are monitored by managers.

We, as a publishing company, receive thousands of hate comments that we try to respond with love, so that's why we decided to push a bit harder, with your help, we will spread the love with our video on YouTube.

Let's spread the love! K-Pop rules!

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