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The TikTok effect: 59 banned Chinese apps in India

In the middle of the TikTok crisis, where several countries are starting to ban the app for security reasons, India has been the major leader in this area, banning not only TikTok, but other 28 mobile applications. Read more below!

  • The Chinese company owned by ByteDance, had an estimate of 120 million users in India.
  • 50% of India's population (1.3 billion) is online and analyst's say up to 1/3 of TikTok's total users were based in that country.
  • Among the 59 apps are the famous WeChat, Helo, ShareIT and Clubfactory.

India’s government has been having a rough time lately with its neighbor, China. Military tension in the border was the drop that spilled the glass. Now, authorities banned these mobile apps accusing the companies to work secretly with the Communist Chinese Party providing information and secrets.

ByteDance offices. Source: Shutterstock

The official press release stated the activities are "prejudicial to the integrity of the country". United States is likely to follow after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced they might follow the same measures. The end of dancing in front of the camera?

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